Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Super Summer Pen and Ink Sale

It is once again time for my Super Summer Sale.
I'll be updating with new pieces weekly throughout
the rest of the summer, so check back often.

All Pieces are $50 unframed 5x7" Pen and Ink on Watercolor Paper
If you are interested in a purchase please contact me at

"Fighting Monk" SOLD

"Fighting Monk #2"

"Nuclear Rabbit #577" SOLD

"Whore" SOLD

"Zombies" SOLD

"Zombie #1"

"Zombie #2"

"Zombie #3"


"Dood" SOLD

"Ninja House Wife!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" SOLD

"Retarded Frodo"

"Elf Maiden"

"Reverend Mother"

"Angry Girl #1"

"Angry Girl #2"

"Pigtails" SOLD

"Angry Girl #3" SOLD